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Why homeowners choose hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring has served homeowners for many hundreds of years. According to ongoing interest in the material, that’s a trend that’s likely to continue. These floors are durable, stable, and offer a wealth of options that make personalization a benefit about which you’ll want to learn more.

No matter what your specific need, there’s a material in this product line to meet it. Ask about the variety you can take advantage of, including a lifespan that averages 100 years or more with proper maintenance. There’s no reason to skip over this product line.

Experience variety with hardwood flooring

When searching for the perfect floors, solid hardwood is often a homeowner's favorite. With solid wood, all the way through, you'll experience excellent stability, durability, and options that make these floors perfect for a variety of spaces. The only area that makes installation impossible is a below-grade placement.

In these areas, engineered flooring makes an excellent alternative. Far less reactive to humidity, dampness, and temperature changes, this material gives you added benefits in addition to offering the appearance of solid wood.
You can pick the best species, taking care to match it to your specific lifestyle and levels of in-house traffic. Harder woods are better suited to these busy areas, with softer woods making a great addition to walk-in closets and pantries.

The process is refinishing is available for both materials and works to erase years of wear and damage. After stripping the wood down to a brand new, unblemished layer, you can even change the stain color and finish type if you prefer. For solid wood, this service can take place several times. With engineered materials, the number of times you can refinish is determined by the thickness of the real wood veneer.

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Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Fountain, CO from CG'S Flooring & Design

Wood floors are easy to find at our showroom

At CG'S Flooring & Design, you’ll not only find a wealth of wood floors, but you’ll also find all the services and experience that can help make your project a complete success. We are a full-service flooring store that is dedicated to the needs of our customers.

If you’re in the areas of Colorado Springs, Fountain, Pueblo, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park, and surrounding areas, you’re in the perfect location to take advantage of our Colorado Springs, CO showroom. Our associates are there, waiting to help get you on your way to your dream flooring, so visit at your convenience.